27-2 Second meeting about First of May-demonstration Tilburg

Source: http://www.georganiseerde-weldaad.nl/2018/02/16/27-02-tweede-overleg-een-mei-acties-tilburg/

Second meeting about First of May-demonstration Tilburg

Just like preceding years, there will be a First of May-demonstration in Tilburg this year. A first organizational meeting has already taken place.
We intend to have a short march, with a few speakers before and/or after.
Motto and call-out ahave not yet been determined. However, international solidarity will be put in the spotlight. That much is certain. The group works as an action committee, under the name ‘1 May Tilburg’.

A second meeting has been planned. Anubody who wants to participate in brainstorming, helping organize the action, is welcome. This applies emphatically also when you have not been present at the first meeting.

Location: Hall of Fame, Burgemeester Brokxlaan 6 (Spoorzone), Tilburg
Date and time: Tuesday, 27 February, 19.30 hour