Nijmegen, 2 March: JustParty – dinner – infoavond

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Nimma Sanctuary City | JustParty – dinner – infoavond

On Friday, 2nd of march we finally do another justParty with some great local DJ’s (line-up follows).

We start the evening at 19:00 with a delicious vegan dinner.

After that we have an info-evening about live without papers with some experts on the issue. We’ll talk about everyday life experiences, political context and ways to resist oppression and exploitation. Music will start at 22:00

Among the speakers are Kolar, a teacher at Radboud and volunteer at Stichting Gast , Peter from Geen kind aan de kant and Justin, who recently graduated for theater in Rotterdam and has worked on the issue in his work as a film-maker.

The party and the food are against donation. All donations will go to a family in need and Harmanli Refugee Camp Play School (Bulgaria).

We invite all Nijmegenaars to announce Nijmegen as a Sanctuary City, a city that does not cooperate with deporting people who have no home, a city that develops means and networks for (informal) interaction, regardless of background, origin, culture, etc. Trust and acceptance are features that can be learned in healthy and safe social environments. We think this city should be safe for all!