Flyer for demonstration against slaughterhouses

Autonomen Brabant has made a flyer for the demonstration against slaughterhouses, that will take place on the 16th of June. The flyer is both in English and in Dutch.

A PDF of the English-language version can be found here: Close down the slaughterhouses, smash capitalism (PDF ENG)

The English-language text itself can be read here:

Close down the slaughterhouses, smash capitalism!

With today´s demonstration, we call for the closing of all slaughterhouses. That is necessary: they are places of cruelty, of animal suffering on a vast scale. This animal suffering is completely unnecessary as a way of feeding people. However, it is not just in slaughterhouses that animals are made into products; animals are systematically abused to feed, clothe and entertain people. Research shows that a completely plant-based diet is possible, and better for the environment. The production of animal-based food demands more land and water than the production of plant-based food. Livestock farming strongly contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases, with disastrous climate results. Because so much space is needed for livestock, the number of wild animals diminishes strongly. All this is nothing new for the people protesting today.

But why does the food industry continue with slaughterhouses, if it is so unnecessary for food production? The answer is simple. Money. Profit. Slaughterhouses are part of a lucrative branch within the capitalist economy. Animals are being sacrificed for the sheer sake of making profit. In slaughterhouses, in factory farms, in mink breeding farms.

There is no escape even for the animal called “human being”. For the sake of profit, bus drivers are barely allowed a toilet break. So they strike. For the sake of money, universities demolish education programmes. So students and teachers protest. Just as we protest. Against the same problem, the problem of profit above all else. Against the logic of capitalism, against capitalist power.

So, activists defending animals, workers striking against work pressure, students defending their education, we have the same enemy: capitalism. Only if we fight that enemy together, for the freedom of all, the fight for animal liberation stands a chance of winning. Close down the slaughterhouses, smash capitalism!

No one is free until all are free!