Amsterdam. 28 September: March for Education 2.0!

There are still cutbacks, different studies are still being combined, and the workload among teachers is too high. Room for choice disappears, lecturers are being fired, and the representative advisory bodies can’t do anything about it.

Some time ago Rutte III decided to push through yet another round of cuts. Recently the Ministry of Education even announced an increase of the interest rate on student loans.

Let it be known to our regents in The Hague: lecturers and students will not stand for this any longer!

We want a university where students and teachers have something to say about their own education, where classes are not taught by overworked teachers to forty rushed students, where specialization is not a term of abuse, and where we are not driven by financial return but by curiosity!

On the 28th of September we are going to march for free and emancipatory education, and in solidarity with WOinActie.
We will come together at 11.45h and depart at 12.00h from Binnengasthuisstraat (near BG2, behind Oudemanhuispoort).

Join in, come here, don’t let your study disappear!


Please help spreading this call-out