21-10-2018: Introduction to anarchism – a talk at The Barricade, Utrecht

Anarchism at the Barricade
An introductory talk about basic anarchist ideas and concepts.

Anarchism can mean all kinds of things to all kinds of people. But what does it mean to anarchists themselves?
What are the basic ideas that most, if not all, anarchists hold in common? What is it that anarchists object to in present society, what is so wrong with it?
What kind of society do anarchists aim for? And how do anarchists think we can go from here to there, from present society to freedom for all?

In this Barricade meeting, Peter Storm, anarchist writer, musician and activist, will try to introduce basic anarchist concepts, ideas, goals and methods.

He will talk for quite a while, after which there is time for questions, discussion and meet’n’greet.

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