10 August, Amsterdam – Demonstration against EU refugees policy

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Seebrucke/Seabridge – Demonstration against EU refugees policy

On a near daily basis, people are drowning in the Mediterranean.
Although the amount of people attempting to gain entry to Europe via this route has dropped significantly, the number of deaths actually increases due to the European Union turning its back on these refugees and immigrants. In the meanwhile, multiple vessels from NGOs with a voluntary crew of doctors, nurses, and rescue workers are stranded in Malta. European governments are preventing them from saving human lives.
We cannot accept this situation and have therefore set up the Seebrücke / Seabridge movement. We are a broad movement of citizens who are committed to ensuring that rescue actions by civilians at sea remain unpunished. We call on the European Union to establish a rescue program for boat refugees, and to ensure that safe and legal refugee routes to Europe are possible.

Join us and let yourself be heard!

When: Friday August, 10th, 17:00
Where: Dam Square, Amsterdam

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Flyer for demonstration against slaughterhouses

Autonomen Brabant has made a flyer for the demonstration against slaughterhouses, that will take place on the 16th of June. The flyer is both in English and in Dutch.

A PDF of the English-language version can be found here: Close down the slaughterhouses, smash capitalism (PDF ENG)

The English-language text itself can be read here:

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March for Education, Amsterdam, 8 June

There are still cutbacks, different studies are still being combined, and the workload among teachers is too high. Room for choice disappears, lecturers are being fired, and the representative advisory bodies can’t do anything about it.

We want a university where students and teachers have something to say about their own education, where classes are not taught by overworked teachers to forty rushed students, where specialization is not a term of abuse, and where we are not driven by financial return but by curiosity!

We are going to demonstrate on the 8th of June. We will depart from the Oudemanhuispoort (the square in front of BG2) in Amsterdam at 15:00.

Join in, come here, don’t let your study disappear!

1 May posters plastered in Tilburg

Loads of posters for the 1 May demonstration have been plastered in Tilburg.

To see the poster up close, check https://autonomenbrabant.nl/2018/04/11/first-of-may-poster-autonomen-brabant-also-in-english/

To read the call-out in English, go to http://www.georganiseerde-weldaad.nl/2018/03/30/een-mei-2018-demonstreer/ and scroll down.

See you on the streets on the First of May!

G20-prisoner Peike needs support!

Source: https://freepeike.noblogs.org/post/2018/04/04/join-the-bus-to-the-last-planned-court-date/

Everyone who registers for the bus will get an email the 19th of April (one week in advance) with the conformation whether the bus will drive and the exact location and time of departure. Everyone will be asked for a €20 donation to help cover the expenses. However, being there is far more important than money so please register regardless of whether you are able to donate!

Feel free to email for more information, invite all your friends and come join us in solidarity!

First of May poster Autonomen Brabant – also in English

In PDF: 1ST May Poster Black Red

Autonomen Brabant designed a poster, especially for the First of May demonstration in Tilburg that is coming up. Coming weeks, they are going to be decorating the streets of Tilburg. They are created at A3 size, and are available in English and Dutch. Do you want to spread this poster in your neighborhood? We can send you a set in a package. Send us a mail through info@autonomenbrabant.nl

See for more information on the demonstration and lecture in Tilburg: https://autonomenbrabant.nl/2018/04/07/1-mei-demonstratie-en-lezing-met-poster-en-flyer/ (in Dutch)

11-4: Demonstration & Die-In against Airbus and the militarization of EU borders

From: https://stopthewaronmigrants.noblogs.org/post/2018/03/09/demonstration-die-in-against-airbus-and-the-militarisation-of-eu-borders/

Wednesday 11 April – 13:00 hrs. – Airbus’ shareholders meeting, Hotel Okura – Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, Amsterdam

Let Hotel Okura know they should cancel the reservation from Airbus!


Theatrical demonstration and die-in against Airbus and the militarisation of EU borders.
– Also a facebookevent

– Follow us in the build up to this action on twitter and spread the word using #stopthewaronmigrants.

– Help us spread the flyer, thanx!

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Fourth meeting about First of May-demonstration Tilburg

Just like preceding years, there will be a First of May-demonstration in Tilburg this year. Three preparatory meetings have already taken place. We are organising a march, with a few speakers before and/or after. Motto of the demonstration: Sloop muren, geen mensen – doorbreek alle grenzen which means: demolish walls, not people – break through all borders.

The demonstration is being organized by action committee ‘1 May Tilburg’.

A fourth meeting has been planned. Anybody who wants to participate in brainstorming, helping organize the action, is welcome.

Location: Hall of Fame, Burgemeester Brokxlaan 6 (Spoorzone), Tilburg
Date and time: Tuesday, 27 maart, 19.30 hour


Antifa Bloc at anti-racist demonstration in Amsterdam 18-03-18

Call out from AFA Nederland: https://afanl.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/18-03-2018-antifa-bloc-at-anti-racist-demonstration-in-amsterdam/

On the 18th of March 2018 ‘Committee 21st of March’ will organise the yearly demonstrations in Amsterdam during the international day against racism. AFA Netherlands also calls out for people to attend the demonstration but does not do so without having critique on the organisers and their actions over the past months.

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