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Autonomen Brabant: How Come?

First of May, Workers day: a day of solidarity and struggle!



Cassation in criminal case against Joke Kaviaar rejected, imprisonment very near

21-10-2018: Introduction to Anarchism – a talk at The Barricade, Utrecht

10-11-2018: Anarchist Bookfair Amsterdam

The Hague, 03-11-18: Nationwide demonstration: NO ONE IS ILLEGAL

Katwijk, 29-09-18: Refugee children have rights too!

Amsterdam, 25-08-18: Animal Rights March:

Amsterdam, 10-08-18: Demonstration against EU refugees policy:

Flyer for demonstration against slaughterhouses:

Amsterdam, 08-05-18: March for Education:

First of May posters plastered in Tilburg:

Hamburg, 25/26-04-18: G20-prisoner Peike needs support!

Amsterdam, 11-04-18: Demonstration and Die-In against Airbus and the militarization of EU borders:

Tilburg, 27-03-18: Fourth meeting about First of May demonstration:

Amsterdam, 18-03-18: Antifa Bloc at anti-racist demonstration:

Tilburg, 13-03-18: Third meeting about First of May:

Nijmegen, 02-03-18: Justparty Dinner Infoavond:

Tilburg, 27-02-18: Second meeting about First of May demonstration:

Distro at 2.Dh5 festival:

Amsterdam, 03-02-18: Distro at antifa-conference:

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General information:

About us

Autonomen Brabant is an anarchist/autonomist group, active in several cities in the Dutch province of North Brabant. We are a group of people fighting together for a world of solidarity, freedom, equality and sustainability. We oppose and resist state and capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy, climate change and animal suffering. In short, we fight for a world that will look a whole lot different from the present one – and much better.

Autonomen Brabant does this by means of action, by participation in and actively calling for manifestations and demonstrations that are in line with our aims, and above all by means of spreading lots of stickers, posters, leaflets and other propaganda material.

Contact information

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